Shinkendo Australia - Josho Budokai

Japanese Swordsmanship & JuJutsu

Welcome to Shinkendo Australia - Josho Budokai, one of only two dojos in Australia licensed by the International Shinkendo Federation. 

This martial arts school trains in Japanese jujutsu and Shinkendo with head instructor, Sensei Howard Quick. 


What is Shinkendo?

Shinkendo is a form of Budo, or Japanese martial arts, created in 1990 by Obata Toshishiro. 

Mr Obata studied and mastered many different schools of Budo in Japan, and then came to America to distill what he had learned into a new, complete art. Shinkendo is the real way of the sword.

The International Shinkendo Federation was officially established in 1994 in order to spread it to the world.

Shinkendo is based on more than a thousand years of Samurai history, and was researched and developed by Obata Toshishiro in order to create a comprehensive style of swordsmanship that could be introduced to the world.